Saturday, 24 November 2012

Prominence of an Affidavit Form

In practical and legal terms, an affidavit is a legal document that has its own prominence. It simply enables a person to take declarations under oath. There are different types of affidavits that are used by the people as per their applications and purposes. This declaration is supposed to be perfectly legal and bears full authority. Most people use general affidavits that are designed to verify information/data or for certain court proceedings.

It is a necessary legal instrument that is authorized and helps in establishing or ascertaining the truth about a matter. People also use affidavits to support their statements or any other documents. Another type of affidavit is real Estate affidavit; these include declarations about title, ownership of the land or property, property estimates as well as appraisal of property.

Practically, the primary function of an affidavit is important for all legal transactions or where a legal declaration is eminent. It not only supports a person or his/her documents, but also makes it more useful for day to day court proceedings or transactions. Its significance can be seen in property transactions, ownership documents and many other different types of documents that seek legal support. It is a general type of sworn statement of fact that is required for court proceedings. It simply verifies someone’s document or statement for authenticity. This type of declaration is highly useful at the time of purchase, transfer, settlement, sell or during any transaction.  

However, it should be noted that affidavit should be prepared only through an authorized notary agent (appointed by a government authority) or a person licensed by the government. They can administer statutory declarations, witness and authenticate the execution of documents or statements. Due to many cases of forgery, it should be considered as a serious matter and care should be exercised to avoid any risk. Only a public notary can make an affidavit to authorize statements or documents. The impact of affidavit is immense and can be easily misused by anyone.  

Being highly crucial in nature, only certain authorized public notaries (common-law notaries) can prepare it. Therefore, signature, statements and documents its content should be re-checked for more safety. It is also crucial that the statement of truth, explain exactly what is intended to convey in a precise and clear cut manner. A special section, the attestation, should be checked for date and signature, etc. 

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